Miodrag D. (57) is born in Gorazdevac. His father, grandfather and great grandfather were born there too. He never wanted to move, until now. Miodrag had five children, he doesn’t have anymore. His daughter (25) died last year. Doctors asked for money to save her. Miodrag didn’t have the money. He lost his leg shortly after his daughters’ death, as he is a diabetic. He blames himself and the government. He says that the politicians didn’t want to help him at all.

Miodrag says there is not even 400 Serbs left in Gorazdevac ( in 2011. there were around 1000 Serbs in this enclave). Young people don’t have a job nor a place to hang out.

Miodrag’s son (32) doesn’t have a job and depends on his invalid father.

Miodrag said they would all go anywhere, but they don’t have where to go to.

Then he slowly walked towards the home.


Gorazdevac, Kosovo i Metohija, Serbia

December 8, 2018.

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