The heart of darkness, Bunagana, DR Congo

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Women waiting for water

One of the main problems in Africa is lack of drinking water. In some villages, water pumps are around the market, like here, in the village itself, but elsewhere women, sometimes children have to walk 4, 5 km one way just for one small bucket. The water is often unclean, full of dirt or sand. Diseases caused by contaminated water, like diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid, schistosomiasis, dracunculiasis, are still very common in Africa.

“Worldwide, 1 out of every 5 deaths of children under 5  is due to a water-related disease”  –


Women at the market


“I am young, just 35 years old and I know that they will kill me soon. I will be murdered by the black hand, but the true killer will be the white hand that will pay for it. “, Patrice Lumumba, 09.october 1960.

Patrice Lumumba was the famous Congolese independence leader, political genius and the first democratically elected Prime Minister of the Republic of Congo. He was murdered under shady circumstances in January 1961. After the announcement of Lumumba’s death, street protests were organized in several European countries – in Belgrade, the capital of Yugoslavia, protesters went inside the Belgian embassy and confronted the police.

Lumumba was also a poet. In the “Morning in the heart of Africa,” he wrote:  “For a thousand years you African, suffered like a beast, your ashes strewn to the wind that roams the desert.
Your tyrants built the lustrous, magic temples to preserve your soul, preserve your suffering.
… You are human like others. They preach you to believe that white god will reconcile all humans at last…”

I recommend Dragan Markovic’s “Patrice Lumumba – big conspiracy in Congo”, as well as Dragan Milosavljevic’s “Harmattan”.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a vast country in Central Africa, very rich in natural resources. DRC is the world’s largest producer of cobalt ore and a major producer of copper, diamonds and coltan, “the black gold”, ore that is used in almost every modern device we have, your new smartphone or big TV.

The Belgian Congo – Genocide scholar Adam Jones comments, “The result was one of the most brutal the world has known . . . Male rubber tappers and porters were mercilessly exploited and driven to death.” King Leopold’s (of Belgia) agents held the wives and children of these men hostage until they returned with their rubber. Those who refused or failed to supply enough rubber often had their villages burned down, children murdered, and their hands cut off. Leopold’s heartless regime killed more than 10 million children, women and men!  The cutting as punishment was a practice of a “civilised” Europeans.



Bunagana is a small town in North Kivu province and a major border crossing to Bunagana in Uganda.




Peace in DRC continuous to be very fragile and still it is not recommended to travel to this magnificent country that holds unseen beauties.




Ingenious way of transport


The photo of Patrice Lumumba was taken from –

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