The pure beauty of Lhasa, Tibet


Almost as high as the highest point – Tanggula pass stands at 5072 meters above sea level, being the highest railway station in the world.  The Qinghai – Tibet railway is the magnificent engineering achievement 1956 km long since there were many technical difficulties, one was taking care of the workes on such high altitude.



Potala Palace

As a girl, I have dreamed I was standing in front of the Potala. After reading some of Alexandra David Neel’s books, I have made a promise to myself – I will go to Tibet.

“OM MANI PADME HUM” mantra means “jewel in the lotus” – the sacred Buddhist flower.  Cedomil Veljacic was one of the most prominent Yugoslavian Buddhists and a philosopher, who retreats to Sri Lanka in 1966. in order to live and write by and about Buddhism, as well as about philosophy of the East. I recommend his “Buddhism”, wherein one part, he is talking about a problem of nothingness in Buddhist philosophy.


Tibetan Buddhism is practised in Tibet, Bhutan, parts of Mongolia. You will often see elderly women and man spinning the hand prayer wheel, whispering “OM MANI PADME HUM”.

Yak butter is used for the nourishing butter tea, along with salt and tea leaves. I’ll be honest, I did put a lot of sugar in it and it was so tasty 🙂

Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags – sending prayers with the wind



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